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Questions....we LOVE questions! These are the most popular...

Q. How do I contact my rep to request catalogs and information?
A. Find your local representative by clicking here.
Q. Do you protect our market area?
A. Absolutely. Working with your reps is the best way to protect your market area. We make all attempts to protect active customers in their market . Our understanding from our vendors is that they are to contact us in the event of another retailer inquiry.
Q. Where can I find Fish Box in AmericasMart?
A. You will find us in the Meissenburg Showroo
Q. My shop is in a small mountain town, population of only 350. Can I really have some of your companies you represent personalize for my area? 
A. Most definitely. Folks like Meissenburg Designs, Screencraft Gifts, Lisart and Koola Boola specialize in just that.
Q. How often will I see you in my store to show me new products or work with me?
A. Since there are buying seasons and selling seasons, we will work with you on setting up appointments during the crucial buying times of the year.
Q. I have multiple stores. Do I work with you or should I go direct?
A. By all means, we can work together so we can provide you with the service and expertise needed to put together the logistics for such orders. Your reps are the best resource for current product in different areas. And contrary to popular belief, buying from a rep or direct, it's the same price.
Q. How do I print out a Fish Box sales order form?
A. Easy! Click Here.
Q. How do I keep abreast of market trends, current specials, product lines and industry information?
A. Sign up for our e-mail list! Click Here.